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Shinee Blogskins

Hi Dorkistic's beloved visitors and friends!! I finally got some times to upload the rest of Shinee blogskin's collection which are Key, Minho and Jonghyun. I hope you guys like it. I still got a bunch of blogskins to upload but I'm so busy as final exam is coming soo. Anyone here Fahrenheit fans?? I met Fahrenheit last Friday and I'm still get excited thinking about it..and if you also one of the fans who go meet them either at Sg. Wang or Seremban Parade, then let's share about your experience here ^^ I'd like ot interact more with my visitors..and of course you'll be expecting Fahrenheit graphics to be uploaded soon.. Shinee's Minho is looking good at Andre Kim's fashion show aite?? haha.. I think that's all for now, enjoy the blogskins! Request is still open, so don't hesitate to email or click the REQUEST button to request your own unique layout..

2137821221857258.jpg (245 KB)

2189771224490580.jpg (205 KB)

2189791224491208.jpg (231 KB)

** Icon credit: IS2SATORU @ SMASHING

Regarding my blogskins, for those who are looking for the blogger bar on top of the skin, I hope you can email me so that I can explain it to you how to make it visible because I hide it for the user's convenience. But if you feel you need the bar, then please contact me through email


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