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Weekend is coming!

Hey hey! Thanks for visiting Dorkistic Design! I'm now working on more freebies and I hope I can uploda it a.s.a.p. I suuposed to upload it today but I'm too busy with training as my group is going to have a performance today at 7.30pm. Wish us the best okay? And I'm sorry I can't visit your page to reply your message because I'm in a hurry now.. so here's the reply especially for the queries..

♥ Fiza : It's okay. I'll keep your link. Come back soon!
♥ Estee : Sure, I'll let you know when new stuffs are uploaded here =)
♥ Vanilla Milk : Yeah, let's be affies..just gimme your link URL
♥ Luv_Arron : Absolutely! I'll link you in next update.
♥ Ace : Yeah, you can request for posters as well. Maybe you want to visit Kiss The Radio because I'm one of the poster maker there..

Happy weekend everyone!

DATE: 9/12/2008 COMMENTS:

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