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Blogskins + New Affy

Hi everyone! howz your weekend? I turned 22 last Saturday and even though we didn't have official celebration, but everything happened on that day was hilarious! haha.. I spent most of the time hanging around with my sisters so I don't have time to update the site. Anyway, we have 3 nwe affies below, do pay them a visit as they have cool layouts! hmm... I haven't make Website Highlights for two months! Let's see which website should I featured this time..If you want your website to be featured here, just visit me often and let me know when you changed your layout because the only thing that attract me to feature your website is the layout! >.<

Before that, I got two blogskins for you featuring the Magnae and Leader of Shinee! Hope you like it and more skins coming your way!

Preview + Download

Preview + Download

New affiliates:


And today's featured website is...SHINEEE.NET's INTERNATIONAL FORUM! I've been a member since a month ago and what attract me to stay active is that the layout makes you feel like home, and the friendly users there! I can stay there the whole night chatting with them..As it is an International forum,so you can meet friends from almost every part of the world there.. do join us there =)

Click here to visit the site

Later everyone!


DATE: 9/16/2008 COMMENTS:

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