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Hey everyone! Well, I'm not feeling very well today..I had a nightmare and that kinda effect my day today.. -.-;; however, yesterday was fun for me.. I bought 4 new t-shirts and I finally got my Super Junior M's Album!! I was so excited and I keep singing "At least There's Still You" out loud in my room since I got the lyric booklet =) I also ordered Shinee's Album from the store and I just can't wait to get the album soon..

Anyway, for this time, I got 5 new wallpapers in wallpapers corner. I hope I can finish all 4 website layouts soon..I'm in the process of coding them for you guys..

wallpaper2.jpg (389 KB)


And yeah, I won third place in Turtle Design's Icon Challenge! I'm so excited! here's the award that I received:

Tho' they spelled the name correctly..huhu

p/s: CBOX is currently unavailable...I hope you guys can still interact with me via posting comments on my posts.. CBOX will be back a.s.a.p.. sorry for the inconvenience..

DATE: 7/27/2008 COMMENTS:

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