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New Look... Again!

Hey Hey! Welcome back to Dorkistic Edition 10! Lol...I've been crazy this week...Sorry guys for no freebies because I'm quite busy with school stuffs besides working on the ages in this site. I don't want to make it hiatus so I just let it open. However, since this is the 3rd version of Dorkistic Design, you shall find some stuffs are missing, moved and etc. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'm working on the content so I hope you're patient enough with me.

The 3rd version offers you guys more layout and wallappers! Yeah, i've decided to be a little more specific and with that, I'll only offer wallpapers and layouts as freebies. However, you can still request ANY KIND of graphics that you want by emailing me And to suit the layout, I'm giving you the wallpaper version of this layout.. *lol* so random >.<

wallpaper.jpg (685 KB)
Preview + Download

What do you think? Well, it's a bit WIDE and if you open it with 800x600 resolution you might need to SCOLLLLLL down before you get to read the updates. *sigh* what can I do, I'm so excited with this new look of Shinee that I forgot to scale down the image (-.-;;) Hopw you can comment. It's not the best work of me bsince the colour is a bit weird. but oh well, as long as Shinee look good on the header *again...random*

Anyway, I'm now settled myself down with my blog. I've been thinking of closing down the blog and focusing on Dorkistic Design, but thinking of it, I've blogged for 3 years and to clos it down like that is so out of my mind. So I really hope that you guys can visit my blog as well because I'll post an issue for us to discuss. I'd like to know your opinion on certain issues and feel free to comment. See you there!

image.jpg (418 KB)

and two new affies!

DATE: 7/22/2008 COMMENTS:
Thanks :)
And wow, I love your new layout, very pink :D
Oh and would you like to be affies with us?

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