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Last One!

Hi everyone! actually, today I'm not feeling good..I just read somewhere about something which I should have been inform earlier.. yep. I think as one of the crew, I should know about it not only from blog but from the leader as well.. but to think of it, if there's someone who willing to take over, then it would be easier and i'll back off..

sorry...that's totally random! however, my mood is like SO CHANGE now because I received a gift from Lupe @ Turtle Design!

ain't it adorable?? well, it's been a while since I made a gift for my visitors.. you should expect one soon!

Yay! it's Yesung in the house!He's one of my fave in Super Junior. He got great voice and love his randomness! hahaha... so, this is the last of SUPER JUNIOR H special edition, you shall expect something new coming out after this! yeah..hahaha.. *evil laugh but then stop because look stupid*.

So, tomorrow's Saturday. Any plans for weekend? Well, tomorrow is my doom day because I'm going back to college! noooooo! I Don't wanna go back yet!! I wanna stay here at home and interact with my visitors and friends!!! *sorry to many !s* But life must go on. I should bear the 4 months left before I graduate.. and after that, job-hunting! what a life..

So, for today's featured website is Vesa's Nohagvanillaz! This is the website that have the most frequent layout change ever! hhaha..if you missed visiting them in a day, you may miss a layout as well! *lol* anyway, efore this it features celebs, but now it turns into anime site..which i love as well .. check them out!

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Thanks for the comments! Make sure you put your URL so that I can pay a visit..maybe your layout will be featured in next update =)

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