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It''s Zhou Mi!

Hi everyone! I passed my driving test yesterday! And the most excited person was my little sister? why? because she said that if I can drive, then we can go chasing our fave idols if the come to Malaysia *lol* And yet, I'm glad that I took the lesson now because I might need to drive on my own when I go jobsearching next year.. *sigh* I'm going back to college this Saturday.. NO!!!!

I spent the whole yesterday making many blog layouts but haven't coded yet.. some of them were instantly became my favourite and there might be edited and being made into wallpaper as well.. But the best layout was the one that I made featuring Zhou Mi of Super Junior M. This was my first time after many years that I make frame layout and it's kinda tricky. However, it came out looking good! haha..who can resist that Chinese hottie?? lol..

Click the link below to preview and download.. feel free to comment and rate also.. see ya next time!

preview.png (535 KB)

Preview + Download

And last but not least, since I love looking at other people's website and their layout, from now on, I'll give a preview of any website that I fall in love with, especially because of the layout.

So, to begin with, it's my affy, Lupe's Turtle Design. I love turtles and the website got a very cute turtle layout! go check it out =)

turtledesign.png (433 KB)

Visit The Site

DATE: 7/03/2008 COMMENTS:
Congrats on passing! I'm 22 and haven't even bothered to get a permit. The thought of driving terrifies me :S
Hey! Last Designs is back from hiatus!

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