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Hi everyone! I'm home! Lol..and I'm having fun in front of the computer! Yeah, my sister's PC got more pictures so I'm using her PC to make more graphics. I'm working on more wallpapers and layout for the weekend and I hope you guys enjoy your weekend =) Well, as for me, I have to finish 3 assignments besides making a lesson plan for my first theory class this sunday. It's been a while since I taught music theory and I hope I can give the best for them in order to understand music more.. and of course, practicing the piano for our next video recording at youtube!

Well, we received 100+ views of our first video playing the song of Fahrenheit and we even received a request. The visitor requested us to play Bang Bang Tang's song! We're so honoured. For us, having 100+ visitors watching is more that enough although some others received thousands of views for example Keudae and Lisa but they're so very talented and we are inspired by them.. and I hope we can improve our skills by uploading our videos more in youtube.. anyone of you uploaded your personal video? may it be yourself singing, playing instrument, dancing our just fooling around? tell me! I'd like to watch =)

Here's a gift for you guys..

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DATE: 7/18/2008 COMMENTS:

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