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Freebies Updates!
Hi everyone! HAPPY MONDAY! *lol* I got some times today to upload some stuffs for you guys. Actually I need to submit my assignments via the Internet, so, it's like killing two birds with one stone >.< Actually I'm kinda disturbed today because the college admin wants to re-paint our dormitory. So, everyday there'll be male worker in front ouf our windows painting..which means NO PRIVACY AT ALL! It will took almost a month for them to finish so I guess I'll spend lesser time in my room.. I just don't like it when people are like going about my room and making noise. Lucky that my roomates are all okay.

Yesterday I was singing Super Junior M's song "Zhi Shou Hai You Ni" out loud. I thought nobody was in the room since it's Sunday. Suddenly my roomate from Myanmar popped into my compartment and ask "Is that you singing?? how sweet!" I was like stunned and blushed all the way. *lol* I'm singing a Mandarin song and I'm sure there's so many wrong pronunciations here and there.. I felt embarrased because I never get caught singing before and I promise myself not to sing out loud again XD. Have the same thing ever happen to you?? Share with us *lol*

Okay, time for freebies! What do we got for you guys today...?
-----» 1 Myspace Layout
-----» 2 Blogskins
-----» 3 Blog headers

* Blog header is a new section introduced today. I noticed that some Bloggers users prefer to use original template from Blogger.com. I hope they know that even though they use the original template, they can still decorate the header to suit your blog and your personality..Check them out!

And last but not least, two new affies!. Oh well, actually they've requested long time ag but I didn't notice their message... go check them out!

Princess-rawr || Photoshoot

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