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Full class today..hahaha..but I enjoyed it. Sorry for lack of updates, I'm revamping my other site, which is LITERATURE DORKS. For those who don't know, it's the page where I discuss about literary works, and issues related to literature. But mostly it's a book review lol.. if you guys are taking literature, then I'm sure the page will be useful to you.. however, I need to put it under hiatus because I'm re-arranging the content, and editing the content.. I hope I can re-open it soon! I got 3 new books to share with you guys there...

I'm afraid that there will be no new freebies since I'm busy with requests.. For those who sent in their essays to be proof-read, good luck. I'm just helping you with the grammatical check and I hope you will learn more. It's fun actually to guide you guys through your essays =)

Besides receiving requests for fansite, I also receive sort of official websites for me to design. Yep. It's acceptable as well. I'm also available for official website design, for example, your class website, your club or maybe your genealogy site. It's free of charge. Go ahead and request. It's easy just email me ^-^

I'm very excited because right now I'm also helping a teacher setting up a blog for her students. It will be fun because its targets are primary school students, so the site will be colourful, exciting, but at the same time informative. I'll give you the link later on when it's ready. I know some of my visitors are in their early grades, and I'm sure they'll enjoy the site as much as they enjoy visiting my site.

And for that, inspired by the kid stuffs on that website, I made a blogskins but haven't finish coding yet. see the preview =)!

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