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Hi everyone! I Miss you guys! lol..how many times did I tell you already? Well, I felt relieved that the internet connection is okay today..I need to do loadsa research and the connection is driving me crazy! Yesterday night was my first comeback on stage after 3-months of vacation..lol, it was fun! my fellow Angklung, Percussion and Zapin, and not forgetting, our officer, Wahida showed full commitment towards the show and it was a superb one! I missed performing on stage and I miss our digital piano.. I haven't played the piano for the whole week! although we have a keyboard to practice with, it didn't sound as good as the digital piano or even IIUM's clavinova..well, I cannot complaint much eh..

So, I've made 2 blogskins and finish coding it. There are several layouts that I've made as well but haven't finish coding it..I'm going to re-arrange the content in Dorkistic again and if you want to be affy, just let me know at the CBox..enjoy the layout!

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DATE: 7/14/2008 COMMENTS:

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