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2 New Affies and a blogskin!

Hi hi! Thanks guys for lovin' my new layout.. oh well, it's SOOO pink and I hope you guys got no problem loading it *lol* anyway, I didn't touch my Photoshop yesterday and I was so busy writing notes and reading my lecture notes.. Yeah, life in college is not easy, but it's FUN! I've downloaded some new brushes and fonts and I hope I can use that in the next freebies for you guys..

Anyhow, anyway, I got one new blogskin that I manage to upload yesterday but forgot to add it here. So, can't get enough of Shinee? Yeah, I can't...I've been watching their MV for the whole day and I hope my roommates won't get angry on me >.< Here's SHINEE BLOGSKIN for you!

2049131216717573.jpg (59 KB)
Preview + Download

And also, two new affy! Well, those who wants to be affy, just give me comments or tell me in CBox. I just can't reject you guys.. *lol* However, I'm making a TOP AFFY list soon!

DATE: 7/23/2008 COMMENTS:

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