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Tired but Happy

Hi everyone..yesterday and just now I spent almost 3 hours making a website. Someone requested me to set up a webpage for her and I started it from scratch. Yep, I have to make the layout, then register everything until the site is ready to be visited and updated. However, I'm kinda satisfied with my work even though there's always error here and there and I have to re-install the HTML code.

Today I'm thinking of making MySpace Layout but I don't know..it's been a while since I'm active in myspace.. However, before I'm off making them, here's some blinkies for you guys.. I'll put it here first before I move them to their little room in the navigation bar.. enjoy!

[edit] seems like there's error and the graphics is invisible. sorry for the inconvenience

** I got new favico featuring Sungmin from Super Junior =)
** And a new affy : Karla!

DATE: 6/12/2008 COMMENTS:

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