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Hi everyone! it's Saturday, which means everyone's home! Well, I'm feeling dizzy because I didn't sleep the WHOLE NIGHT watching YooHee The Witch, a Korean series. My sis is right, you CAN get addicted and can't stop watching it and when you realize it, it's already time for Subuh prayer. Lol!

Thank you for those who visits my site. It's surprising to see so many hits these days and since I'm not used to many hits, I'm feeling nervous and so excited to reply everyones message.. So, here's today's upload. I'm still frustrated because I cannot upload little blinkies that I mentioned in the last update, but for today I got some other freebies :

  • Wallpapers [5] @ For Your Desktop
  • Layout Premades [3] @ Layout Premades

I also received an award from Laura

And I'm so loving it! I guess that's all for now, I'm making more stuffs. And I hope I can come up with MySpace and Friendster layouts later on. And as what I give to my friends and affies, here's a gift to all my lovely visitors..

DATE: 6/14/2008 COMMENTS:

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