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Silent Sunday

So, howz your weekend? I had a great weekend with my siblings. Even though I'm feeling down earlier but now I'm feeling happy. Thanks to my friends who visited my site. Yeah, evenryone in my cbox are consired friend and you guys are great! just checking your site make me smile..I also finished making new layout of my sister's blog HERE but the coding is a bit weird..gotta check it back..

You don't know the story? well, yesterday I sent my CPU to the "clinic" to check what's wrong..and y'know what, its all gone..my hard disk was totally dead and I have to buy a new one. What did I lost? 15GB of music albums, 5 new songs that I just recorded/compose, and extra 5GB of graphic resources. I know it sounds stupid to tell everyone, but yeah, I just feel like I lost myself. It's not that I don't have back-up or anything, but.. it's just GONE...

Anyway, Today I managed to re-upload the blinkies that I mentioned before, and also I moved some stuffs from my site to here. Go check them out..

  • 10+ Blinkies @ For Your Website
  • 26 Assorted Avatars @ Icons & Avatars
  • 9 Blank Buttons @ For Your Website

And I got one new affy, Elle's Design. Do visit her =)

CLICK ME! Elly's Designs ** graphic request, hosting, backgrounds, the lot!

See you later <3 <3

** I'm thinking of making new layout..who should I feature?? hmm...

DATE: 6/15/2008 COMMENTS:

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