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hiya! after a few minutes posting below's post, I decided to put on the new layout straighaway. Yeah, if you guys notice, this is the first version of SUJU H layout special edition. I'll be changing the layout once a week since I got 5 layouts featuring each members of Super Junior Happy! This is Sungmin, the prettiest in SuJu H! lol..hope you like the new layout =) It's kinda simple tho..opps, gotta do laundry.later guys!

DATE: 6/20/2008 COMMENTS:
Haha Sungmin!?

I like Donghae & Shiwon. The funny thing if my Korean name is Seungmin and it's so close to Sungmin's name x] Thank you for your comments on my site. It means the whole world to me.

hi seungmin! lol, i love your name! sure, i love your site and i shall visit it often =)

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