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Loadsa Freebies!

Hi everyone! I'm feeling great because I just watched SJM's videos at YouTube. Thanks to those who subbed them. They're so funny! If only Ryeowook can speak Mandarin..that would be cuter! Wanna watch it? CLICK HERE

Okay, for today, I got loadsa little freebies for you guys.. You can check them in the sidebar. Requests are always open and I'll try to finish them all before I went back to campus next month.. haisy, time is running!!

New Uploads:
- Backgrounds [10] @ Backgrounds
- Wallpapers [2] @ For Your Desktop
- Blinkies [5] @ For Your Website
- FavIcons [5] @ For Your Website

And those who wants to be affy are always welcome =)

DATE: 6/10/2008 COMMENTS:

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