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Little Quickey

Hello everyone! Howz your weekend? Well, I had a great weekend but it lasted in just a second when I couldn't open my computer! I don't know what's wrong but it keeps saying "disk error". I'm feeling frustrated because there's still plenty of graphics in that computer that I haven't uploaded yet.

However, thanks to my sister who luckily got Photoshop whereby I can use hers for a while before I send my PC to the clinic. I got new layout up, which features a new Korean boyband, SHINEE. Well. looks like I'm so into Korean nowadays aite?? I rearranged my pages and try to do that often so that people can easily browse this page.

Hahaha, the shortest hiatus ever, which is 2 hours! I'll be back tomorrow with more graphics! I think that's all for now, don't forget to vote for me @ Likenew's Layout Competition!

DATE: 6/09/2008 COMMENTS:

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