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Icon Textures Uploaded

Hello everyone! Howz your day? Well, We're kinda bored today at home. Nanae just watching the TV and here I am in front of the computer. I'm not intending to upload new stuffs until tomorrow but since Nona asked me to do some research, so I think I should just the icons that I've made just now. Yay! I won't have driving lesson until next week!! hooray!! Enjoy!

Icon Textures Preview

More ยป

And those who wants to link me, I got some buttons for you..

** Added another 5 icon textures
** Yay! managed to make my own simple smilies! Uploaded some smilies @ my CBox.

~*~ Coming up in next uploads:
--> Pixel Words
--> Brushes
--> Disney-related stuffs.

be sure to check out soon!

DATE: 6/10/2008 COMMENTS:
Your icon textures are amazingly pretty. <3
thanks karla,
that was my first time making icon textures.. =)

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