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Short update and 2 glitters

Hiya all! First update after the revamp eh? Thanks for those who commented and visited Dorkistic! Feel free to browse around and the request is open! you guys can request graphics of any type on any theme from me! It's all free! I'm still working on the site, whereby I'm sorting the old graphics that I've posted before and putting it in one page so that it's easy for you guys to browse and download my graphics. New freebies will be uploaded in every update and if you don't want to miss it, you have to visit us often because I won't keep them in separate sections. It's only for oder graphics.

Those who wants to affiliate Dorkistic, jest tell me in the message box and I shall visit your site and let you know if you're accepted. For this time, I have 2 glitters for you. Have a nice day!

DATE: 5/12/2008 COMMENTS:
Thanks for the comment! You have a lovely website, I think it's cool how you offer to make people graphics for free. :)
hi Ambar!

Well, I love making graphics and I'd love to help other people too! =)

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