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TUTORIAL: Extracting Icon Patch

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to get the icons from the icon patch. I hope the tutorial is useful and you can follow them ^^

Software needed: MSPaint (Start>accessories>Paint)

*I'm using MSPaint because it's fast loading, and the most easiest image editing software and of course it's available in every computer.

* Click on the image to get the clearer view of the tutorial

1. Open the patch that you've downloaded to MSpaint
1_21.png (415 KB)

2. Clik "CUT" on the toolbar (the one with dotted rectangle) and select the icons that you want. Make sure that the size is 100x100. (refer to the size at the bottom right of the window)
2_10.png (419 KB)

3. Then, right click and CUT the chosen icon
3_3.png (327 KB)

4. Paste in on a new document.
4_13.png (32 KB)

5. To adjust the size of the document, click IMAGE > ATTRIBUTES and set the size to 100 x 100 pixels
5_9.png (30 KB)

6. Save your icon in PNG and you can now use them on forum or your blog ^^

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