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New Blog layouts

02/09/2007 | Monday There are a few announcements I'd like to inform the visitors:

New Rule:
To order, you must include in the email:
Your Name:
Website Name:
Website URL:
Type of Graphic:
Artist you want to feature:

I won't entertain those who wants me to make a layout without providing me your website URL.

Back to work, I've uploaded 4 new blog layouts. As usual, do not remove the tag. I have some more in my PC but kinda busy at the moment and I got no time to code it. I hope I'll have more time when I came back here from Indonesia nest week so that I can update my own blog and finish all requests. I'm checking my mailbox again and retrieving all the requests. It's kinda messed up right now because I'm not sure which one is already done and which one is not.. *sigh


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