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McFly Icons Galore

29.09.2007 | Saturday Ehllo everyone, first and foremost, I would like to wish one of my affy, TehTeh a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Okay, moving on with freebies, I got not 10, but 55 simple McFly icons for you guys.. no watermark, and no need to link back.. just comment this post or tell me in CBox if you use any.. So, enough talking, enjoy the icons and have a nice weekend!

75x75 McFly Icons

One more thing..I would like you guys to tell me who should I feature in the next freebies?? Just tell me in the message box.. later!

DATE: 9/29/2007 COMMENTS:
hey,no worries lol.You can always add your site name later on.That's what I do most of the time =) Can't wait to see your graphics for raya.I added 4 new glitters,check it out and tell me what do u think.I even use IIUM mosque for the background.haha

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