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06/08/07 | Monday Hello everyone! I am so sorry for not updating. Been VERY busy with requests and my study.. anyway, the new layout is done and now I'm in the coding process which is NOT easy.. *sigh* anyway, I just realize that I already got 10,000 hits!! I just can't believe it! I didn't expect my page to receive so many visitors but anyway, thanks for visiting guys! Before I left, I leave you with banners that I made featuring JONAS BROTHERS, MCFLY, JESSE MCCARTNEY and NLT.. enjoy!

McFly by ~dylanfeehily on deviantART

Jonas Brothers by ~dylanfeehily on deviantART

NLT- Not Like Them by ~dylanfeehily on deviantART

Jesse McCartney 2 by ~dylanfeehily on deviantART

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