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24.05.07 | Thursday Today's a diaster .. *sigh..I'm on my way to class but suddenly stomachache! huha~ Well, but it's over now and I'm feeling happy! why? because AC MILAN is THE CHAMPION!!!. Hohoho...

Right..back to Dorkistic!..I'm now doing the revamping of DORKISTIC!design where, after a year, I guess it should be more matured and full with infos and useful for the visitors. I'm designing the layout, doing research from other graphic design and etc... It's kinda difficult since I'm doing it alone but that's okay..will do anything for my visitors!

In the middle of revamping, you guys can still visiting this page and send in your request. Go ahead..request anything =)

And yeah, last but not leat, I would like to welcome our new affiliate, HEADSTRONG DESIGN! Go visit their page because they have a great layout and you can request there too =)

Until then..later guys!

DATE: 5/24/2007 COMMENTS:

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