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New Semester Has Started

HEllo everyone. It must be very boring to visit this page without any updates aite?? me too! I am so busy with course registration as well as completing requests. Lotsa people requesting for MySpace layouts so it took me sometimes to do that... Plus, wireless connection in my room got some problems (probably because they're putting up new signeals or whatever) and what a shame, I have to do updates in HSC LAB! No new stuffs for new but I wanna show you all the pending requests I have to do. For this time being, I only completing requests via email and messageboard. No random stuffs for a while. Sorry about that... Talk ya later!


# McFly Malaysia - New Layout
# SOD Malaysia - New Layout
# Jenn - McFly Contact Table
# Chloe - Dougie MySpace Layout
# Katy - Tom Fletcher Banner
# Steph - McFly MySpace Layout
# Christina - ShaneNicky website layout

Check out your email or check back here for your completed requests.

* For those who's requesting for MySpace Layout, it is preferable for you to request it via email so that I can get full details on your request. have a nice day!


DATE: 12/06/2006 COMMENTS:

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