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Hello everyone...I am sorry but yeah..SORRY to make you guys wait... Well, my computer crashed for the 5th time and I'm kinda lost everything and have to start my stuffs all over again..so, you guys have to wait for more cool contact boxes, blends, avatars and layout... I'll try to get everything back by this month..hmm...seems like there are close votes between SOD and McFLY...well..vote more guys!!! hahaz...

to F*nix, I think, you have to clear the old contact box you have.. copy the code and post it in "About Me " section... lemme know if you still have the blue writing 'cos as you see in dorkistic's myspace, I copy the code from here and there's no blue writings on it..

Ok guys...hope to see you soon.!!!!

DATE: 9/04/2006 COMMENTS:

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