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Updates: Taeyeon, (G)I-DLE & ATEEZ, BTS

Here we are again! Hello~
So what is new on Dorkistic.Net? 
After the last update we have a new Kpop Profile which is Kim Taeyeon, you might know her from Girls' Generation but we have made a solo kpop profile for her with her solo music. 

With a new kpop profile there is also a graphics gallery. In Taeyeon's Graphic Gallery you will find two icons sets, one made by Chazzie and one made by Nine. The dates are unknown but it was around the debut of Taeyeon's solo debut.

So we stick to the graphics gallery but with the (G)I-DLE one, there are a total of 10 new layouts. 5 Blogger/Blogspot layout and 5 PHP layouts. We have recycled our facebook covers and turned them in layouts for you to use. We also have removed V LIVE links from our kpop profiles because it will stop at the end of 2022. V LIVE was taking over by HYBE labels but since they have their own live platform at weverse now there is no use for V LIVE which is sad.

For next week kpop profile we have ATEEZ and we already putted up the profile and graphics gallery.
The ATEEZ wallpaper and twitter cover has been made by Nine and something funny happened because on Prism Snow you will be able to find another version of the wallpaper.

Back in the day there was a showdown between Chazzie and Nine and they would make something with the same png/render. This time it happened accidentally so it's Dorkistic Nine vs Prism Snow Nine.

Also a small update in the BTS Graphics Gallery, we have uploaded a older wallpaper from Chazzie.

That was it for the updates, see you soon again.

DATE: 10/15/2022 COMMENTS:

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