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Newest Updates

Hello everyone!
How is your day going? So yeah as it has been said before Dorkistic had some domain issues but it's all fixed now so we are currently making kpop profiles again and promote them on Facebook and Twitter, so in case if you are wondering why you see so many music video's of a group or kpop artist that is because we promote as part of the kpop profile and who knows maybe you will like a few songs or get to know a new kpop group or kpop artist. We also have a gallery for that group or artist so we can upload our graphics there as well.

So what  is new? 
In the previous post it was already said that we had a new layout featuring TXT, it has been made by Nine from Prism Snow but she also works here on Dorkistic. If you like to see more about anime and other artist and even kpop check out Prism Snow.

There are some updates with our kpop profiles, we had to update ITZY and Kim Jaejoong profiles because ITZY released a new japanese single Blah Blah Blah and Jaejoong released a new album BORN GENE and with two new mv's: Nobody Like You and One Heart.

We also have a bit of sad news to announce, maybe you have seen it on Dorkistic deviantart but we have decided to stop making Facebook covers. The reason is simple Facebook keeps changing sizes and ruins the quality of the covers. This also happens on twitter but since twitter went smaller this year the quality is still okay, so for now we will still be making twitter covers if we have some inspiration for it. When there is bad news there is also good news and we will be recycling the facebook covers into blogger layout and php layouts so they don't go to waste, it's sad they cannot be used for Facebook anymore but the quality is just bad and until there is going to be a good quality then no more covers for facebook.

So back to the layouts, there has been update in the aespa gallery with a blogger layout and php layout, both layouts have the same header but one is for blogger users and the other is for php users it's basically designed for a fansite because the header is 1300x500 but if you like a big layout then you could use it as well. 

As it has been mentioned on each page of the galleries, you're not allowed to make any changes to header so no editing your site name on it and no resizing it or use the layout as a basecode to code your own layout. You use the layout as it is and if that is not to you liking then find a request site and commission a layout that fits your needs. 

However can make changes in the welcome message by writing your own welcoming message and add links and change the text of the navigation etc. We also have provided 100x 35 and 88x31 buttons with the layout(s) and those you may edit your site name on it but that is the only graphic that you're allowed to edit.

As last thing to mention, there is a new kpop profile this week which is NU'EST, yes that is the group that being currently promoted on our social media's for one week so it ends on October 2, 2022.

NU'EST debuted on March 15, 2012 and sadly disbanded on their 10th anniversary which was on March 15, 2022. So with a new a kpop profile there is a new gallery and there is a blogger layout and php layout in it. It was originally meant to be a simple facebook cover but the quality got ruined so it has been recycled into two layouts.

That was it for the updates now, there might be more NU'EST graphics coming up but that will be saved for the next update blog.

You might have noticed in this blog that we talk in more then one person way this is because we as in me Nine and Chazz are still a team even though Chazz is still on hiatus. So I (nine) do the updates around here but still talk every single day with Chazz on what I do on website and I talk about we because we are one team.

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