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The best wishes for 2022


First of all Dorkistic wants to give the best wishes for 2022 and hoping everyone will stay healthy. 

This week we have a major big update on dorkistic.net, we have changed our layout into a new style and as well as adding new things. 

The layout is featuring the girlgroup aespa! the group has a total of 4 members, Giselle, Karina, Winter and Ningning and their ae-avatars. If you want to check out aespa their music we also have made a kpop profile of them and are promoting it on our facebook, twitter and instagram this week.

We did not only feature them on our newest layout but we have also made wallpapers, facebook covers, twitter covers and icons which you can find in the aespa gallery.

On January 1st it was also aespa Winter her birthday! 

DATE: 1/05/2022 COMMENTS:

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