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[UPDATE] Baby, I'm Sorry
Hello Dorkies and friends! How are you doing? how time flies so fast that it is already Friday and I only have two days left for the holiday. As you can see, Dorkistic.Net is sporting a new look, and I hope you like it. Finally, someone managed to convince me from featuring FT Island again XD B1A4 is back with a full album and I have to show it off that I already ordered the album and I just can't wait to have it here with me XD Anyway, yeah, the layout looks clean and simple isn't it? Well, after a series of failure, including a serious disaster when trying to use Flash, and also when trying to add some animations (which turns out to be mistakenly saved in PNG rather than GIF), I decided to leave it this way. I hope people won't mistaken it as B1A4's official fancafe or something lol. With this new layout, here are the changes/updates that I made:

  • Cbox is down at the moment. I can't log in to my account. I hope you can COMMENT on this post instead.

  • Order status is updated. The pending list's request will be uploaded tomorrow.

  • Advertising service will be upgraded. I will update the AFF page tomorrow with the latest guidelines

  • Affiliates have been relinked. Link Exchange is opened.

  • Site Promo section is added. Check out our March's SOTM ^^

  • Quick Links to our external sites have been added below the navigation. Do visit us there ^^

More updates will be made in these few days. To celebrate the new layout as well as B1A4's comeback, I made a wallpaper with the same concept of the layout. You can download it here :

I'll be back again later with more updates, and freebies! Have a great day ^^
DATE:3/16/2012 TIME:{4:10 AM} COMMENTS:
waaa! daebak! baby im sorry~
<3 B1A4 + ur new skin ^^
uwahhhhhhh me likey !!!!!!!! XDDD though I haven't had the chance to listen to full song, but i like the MV (earlier parts) XDD
Baro hyung is a good rapper !! keke/ ^^
received the header + background! I love it! thanks a lot Chazzie unnie!! ^^
Love the new layout chazz! B1A4's new song is definitely stuck on my mind for quite awhile, Jinyoung's talent in music composing is really wow. HAHA! I love the diamond navigations on top! It's really a nice layout :) ~~!
waaaah, I love what you've done with the site!! <3 The layout is so awesome. I love this kind of style. Chazzie, you never disappoint. X3 Gah, my vacation is almost over too. ;A; But I've been practicing a lot of designing over my break, and I think I've improved. CHAZZIE, HWAITING! <3

-Angie (I switched blogger accounts. lol)
wahhhhhh thanks unni! <3 :) i love it ^^
New layout is so pretty! I can't stop staring at Gongchan's and Baro's pictures XD
Requested for a layout...
Hwaiting <3

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