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Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Great? I hope you are not feeling too dreaded since Monday is creeping in to almost everyone, and to Malaysian students, schoolbreak is over! keke~ Anyway, I promised to upload the next batch of request by the weekend. However, I guess there's a server rundown with 4Shared that I keep receiving errors when uploading the files. I already contacted the admin and I hope it will be fixed soon. Anyway, thank you so much for commenting and loving our current layout featuring B1A4 ^^ Sandeul is ♥! -opps, biasness alert!- Along with the request, I'm uploading 3 new free layouts and here's the preview:

So you have anyone in mind that you want us to feature in our free layouts section? just comment in this post and we shall see to it XD Sometimes, I'm running out of idea on who to feature on our free layouts, as well as other graphics XD

Have a great week ahread!

p/s: A Pink icons will be available soon at Empireumma

Opening two spots for new affiliates. Apply by replying this update with your site's name and URL ^^

DATE:3/19/2012 TIME:{12:55 AM} COMMENTS:
Girls' Generation Request Shop
Hi Chazzie!
This is June's Dream!!!
Thank you so much for the awesome layout!! :D Love it, Can't wait to open the site!!
We'll be returning soon!! :D
Designified Fountain


PS : I had request for a blooger layout on 16/3/12 but did not see my name up on the "Check" page....
Oh, and I would love to be affies!!

URL: junesdream.blogspot.com :D
E-mail: junes_dream@hotmail.com

We are also hiring!!
Wahh where did the tagboard go?! lol I love the new layout!! Very unique style :D

I don't see those new layouts on the layout site @_@ where are they? I wanna see!
Hey Chazzie~ I can't wait for all the icons at EU. T_T I need to post more to use them more often though. XD

But, I wanted to inform you that I was turning Seoul Cheonsa into my personal blog instead of a request site, in case you wanted to remove me from your affiliates. I'm taking a break from requests at the minute. ^^
Hey Chazzie! Just dropping by to tell you that Dreality has a new layout :)

P/S: I love the NU'EST text icon in the post!

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