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hello there... as you might have seen yesterday, we have changed our layout but today it is back to our revamp mode. I was so surprised, but then I went to Blogger and it says that it's still in maintenance mode so our F(x) layout has been removed. Hopefully they will restore our new layout. At the moment, they're putting up our Infinite layout. Well, I don't mind tho.. but still... Even the recent uploads are not there. I will upload back your requests now. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

[edited] All requests have been uploaded. Contact me if your name is not in the list. Do inform at CBox if you already pick up your request. [edited]

* Affiliates list will be restored too. Until today, here are the list of affies that we have:

Visible Boundary : http://visibleboundary.coloursplash.org
Vanilla Twilight : http://vanilla-vt-twilight.blogspot.com/
Star Bright Designs : http://star-brightdesigns.blogspot.com/
KPOP FAN FICTION : http://kpop-fanfic.blogspot.com
your-luv request : http://your-luv.blogspot.com/
Memorable Footsteps : http://memorablefootsteps.blogspot.com/
Sweets Kingdom : http://sweets-kingdom.blogspot.com/
Cookies N' Doodle : http://doodlecookies.blogspot.com/
Yellow Bubbles Land : http://yellow-bubbles-land.blogspot.com/
`D-vyrus Designs : http://dvyrus.blogspot.com
Nerdyjae's Photobook : http://nerdyjae.co.nr/
philocaly : http://philocaly.tumblr.com
Cruel Fate : http://cruel-fate.echoz.com
Midnight Illusions : http://midnight-illusionsx.blogspot.com/
Novice In Tomboyism : http://novicetomboy.blogspot.com
Memorable Footsteps : http://memorablefootsteps.blogspot.com/
Skittlez Graphics : http://skittlezgraphics.blogspot.com/
Lollipop Fics : http://lolli-popfics.blogspot.com
xaerodynamix : http://xaerodynamix.asia.gp/
Exquisite : http://e-xquisite.co.nr/
Lovely Loves : http://babylovely-loves.blogspot.com
WonderBinnie's Art : http://wb-wonderbinnie.blogspot.com/
Marrione : http://marrione.com
Midnight Memoirs : http://midnightmemoirs.webs.com/
Dreality : http://dreality.violinstar.net/

I'm off to visit my beloved affies now.. if you're free, do pay them a visit too and check out their sites =)
DATE:5/14/2011 TIME:{2:44 AM} COMMENTS:
ah...no wonder~ blogger on maintenance period is it? it's been a while since i logged in to blogger... ><
Hi Chazz. Im fine. How about you? Hope you are doing fine too. Nice layout btw. How is life? Anyway, have a nice day.

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