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Welcoming The RomeoS


I think I had been on a very long hiatus. I don't even remember my last freebies uploaded here.. forgive me.

I'm back now, and I have some wallies to share with you guys. The themes is romeos! XD Nah, actually the wallies is to mark SHINee's comeback. I made these wallies last month, but I don't have the time to share them with you guys. But now I do, so here they are!

I'm falling for ScrapBook-Like-Graphics now.. :)

So.. erm.. hope you like them ^^!

p/s : Since Chazzie said there will be no more b-sets for our freebies, and I love making b-sets, I decided to upload them in my portfolio.

Click here for 2PM's again&again B-sets
And here for SHINee's Juliette animated banners


- Pynkfaery
[I lost my signature somewhere.. I will be back to edit this with my signature.. XD]

DATE: 6/17/2009 COMMENTS:
Chazzie unnie is dead spazzing at the wallpaper, and of course, the B-SET! i saw my Junsu there!!! *dead*
Chazzie unnie, dont die! *hands junsu to you* here, a present XD!
Don't dieeeeee, Chazz xDDD *dunno if ur my unnie, im 20 xD*
LOVEEEEEED the shinee gifs n' wallies <3
debbie, thanks for loving the wallies and the gif. yes, chazzie is your unnie :) XD
pynkfaery~ kkekeke... junsu is always mine! *rotfl watching the WHOLE epi of idol world*

debbie ~ hehe, yeah, i'm ur unnie! i wont' die..just for u >.<
Yaaaaaaaaay, she'll not die, she'll not dieeee *-* Yay, yay yay! ^^
Hope you're better... unnie! xD

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